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About EDS

EDS Mission and Vision

We are a school of choice which welcomes all families who make an informed decision to attend. Priority will be given to families living within Easterbrook boundaries, and those currently attending EDS and their siblings. Enrollment will then be extended to the broader Moreland School District Community.

¨       We are a school that families decide to be a part of based on the program offered
¨       The program will be based on research which includes small groups, hands on learning, differentiated instruction, brain research findings, developmental education and active participation
¨       Our goal is 100% parent involvement
¨       To support the program, it is necessary for all parents to be involved in their child’s education. Teachers will determine the amount and kind of involvement necessary to support the instructional program.
¨       All parents will be expected to be involved. There will be a wide range of involvement opportunities; no one will be excluded who chooses to attend
¨       A transition process will be established that will ensure that classroom support currently existing in many classrooms will not be compromised during the transition process.
We are a partnership of families and staff focused on meeting the unique needs of the whole child.
¨       We share the responsibility of helping each and every child in our community succeed
¨       We acknowledge that each child and family is an individual and should be respected and appreciated for where they are
¨       We teach, value and respect the growth of each unique individual and ensure that the child’s physical, social, artistic, emotional and intellectual needs are nurtured
We are a community of learners who believe that parent involvement in children’s learning is essential and each individual’s gifts are valued
¨       We are a school where parents, teachers and students are continually learning
¨       Research shows that parent involvement enhances student learning and sends a powerful message to children about how important school is and that they value learning
¨       The purpose of parent involvement is to actively support the teachers and the educational program. There will be a variety of ways to enable every family to be involved. We believe everyone has something to contribute.
We provide a collaborative teaching and learning environment where instruction is differentiated based on students’ developmental needs.
¨       We work in an environment where teachers, students and parents work together to plan and implement a program that meets student needs
¨       We will provide a program based on research which includes small groups, hands-on activity based learning, differentiated instruction, findings from brain research, and developmental education